Chainsaw Teacher Resources

Learning Objectives

Create, test, and evaluate algebraic expressions that represent real situations.
Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Activity: What is a Good Game?

Students play Chainsaw and in the process become familiar with various of the attributes that get recorded in the data table, such as PiecesAccepted and FuelLeft. They discuss their views on what constitutes a good game and begin to design a formula for computing a score for a game.

Teacher Facilitation Guideline   pdf | Word
Handout: Pre-Assessment   pdf | Word
Handout: Ranking 10 Games   pdf | Word
Handout: Score Formula Proposal   pdf | Word
Movie: Loading the Stove
Movie: Chainsaw Introduction

Activity: Design and Test Formulas

Working in small groups, students settle on a formula for assigning scores to the Chainsaw game. They then enter this formula into table and test how well it agrees with their rankings of the 10 games and new games they play, revising their formula if necessary.

Teacher Facilitation Guideline  pdf | Word
Handout: Group Ranking and Score Formula  pdf | Word
Handout: Score Formula Sheet  pdf | Word
Movie: Entering a Formula into table

Activity: Presentation and Critique of Formulas

The groups prepare and then make short presentations of their formulas where other students can ask questions and make comments. Following the presentations, students vote on which formula to use in the Chainsaw tournament.

Teacher Facilitation Guideline  pdf | Word
Handout: Guidelines for Presenters  pdf | Word
Handout: Listener Responsibilities  pdf | Word
Handout: Presentation Sheet  pdf | Word
Handout: Analyzing Score Formula  pdf | Word

Activity: Chainsaw Tournament

After entering the winning formula into table, students compete to see who can get the highest score (and/or highest average score). Finally, students complete and discuss the answers to the post-assessment task.

Teacher Facilitation Guideline pdf | Word
Handout: Post-Assessment   pdf | Word