Inference Teacher Resources

Learning Objectives

Develop an intuitive sense of the relations among sample size, variation, and a tolerance level (or size of a guessing or confidence interval.) Understand that when the SD of a population is relatively large, and you want your estimate to be very close to the actual population mean, then you need a relatively large sample to have a good chance of being correct. On the other hand, when the population SD is small and you have large tolerance, then your sample can be relatively small.

Classroom Use

This game comes with no written student activities. Rather, we imagine teachers having their students play it either as an introduction to, or as an application of, using confidence intervals to make inferences about population means. Thus it is most appropriate for statistics courses at the high-school or introductory college level.

The document linked below gives more information about the game, describes the levels and the learning objectives.

Teacher Facilitation Guideline pdf | Word